Jun 252017

Spandexer A, one of the spandexers called Space Police, came to the earth following the Space Detective Bemur and his family. She rescued the detective on the planet, Mejiro, and was chased by Bemur, but Bemur escapes. Spandexer A cooperates with Mejiro to defeat Bemur. Artificial life Zora created by space criminals to defeat the Spandexer appears before the Spandexer. The body of Zora is made of Spandexer’s weak point material, so Spandexer A loses to Zora. Spandexer is caught and violently tortured by Zora. Brutal Zora catches Mejiro and orders to kill Spandexer A unless you want to hurt his family. .

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Resolution: 856×474
Duration: 1:44:26
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1592Mb


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