Nov 242017

ZRHD-18 キューティーハンターズ ユリコ 大塚直樹 ZENピクチャーズ Heroine Action

Although Lily defeated Wong, it resulted in death and she couldn’t get a reward… Now Lily wanders about on the street at night trying to catch Ted alive, but it doesn’t work… In the meantime, Ted is aiming to sets earthlings up as combatants to eliminate Cutie Hunters in revenge for the Wong’s death… Having succeeded in luring Lily in, Ted brings her completely under his control and walks away to move on to the next target, Yuriko. A one-on-one battle between Ted and Yuriko! Ted, now with more power, knocks her out. What will be the fate of Cutie Hunters? Will they be able to catch Ted?

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Resolution: 720×404
Duration: 1:08:25
File Type: mp4
File Size: 743Mb


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