Dec 022017

ZHPZ-01 ヒロイン危機一髪!!名作選 イメージレーベル: 総集編/BOX 制服/コスプレ

Heroine Hairbreadth!! Galaxy Patrol Anika Anika, who was born in the Galactic System, has a strong sense of justice, spends her days fighting the evil night and day to protect the peace of the galaxy. One day she finally corners Death of the Dark World, a villain who disrupts the peace of the Galaxy, and nearly wins the battle, but Death of the Dark World escapes to the third planet of the Solar System, Earth. Anika also travels to Earth in pursuit of Death of the Dark World. And 3 years go by on Earth after their arrival…. Demonic Heroine Hairbreadth!! Outsider Edition To bring an end to the endless battle against justice fighter Trionger once and for all, the evil secret organization Gohma planning the world domination sends out a most feared and ruthless woman killer ”Outsider”, one of the Four Superiors of Gohma, to kill Trionger! Heroine Hairbreadth!! Vol. 04: Super-Electromagnetic Lady, Super Beegle Former Olympic athlete Chizuru Okada is transformed into a cyborg by the evil organization Black Nova, but even they could not take away her soul. Chizuru, transformed into Super Beegle, vows to defeat Black Nova and faces the fierce battles against the crime syndicate! Demonic Heroine Hairsbreadth!! Vol. 3 Lost Paradise G-Man, a secret society that schemes to conquer the Earth, sends out its higher rank officer and female assassin named ”Lost” to assassinate Dr. Murai, renowned biotechnology authority. However, when they confront each other, Dr. Murai reveals terrifying truths about Lost herself! What is the secret that Lost has to know? Heroine Hairbreadths!! Special: Merider Girl Hairbreadth! The blueprint of newly-invented portable-type nuclear weapon is stolen by Black Shadow! Merider Girl played by Nami Hanada sets out alone to the hide-out of Black Shadow and has an all-out battle with enemy combatants and monster Psycho-Gilda. She goes through a succession of close calls! Hang in there, Merider Girl, don’t let them beat you! The peace of the world is upon your shoulders!!

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Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 2:03:37
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1176Mb


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