Nov 242017

Mighty Diana, an investigator of the planet Mighty is called space police. She calls herself Maki Kariya on the Earth and works as a magazine writer. However, Witch Zeora who used to be captured and prisoned by Mighty Diana, appears before Diana. Zeora captures Takagi, Maki’s senior colleague, to lure Maki. Zeora wears costume made by Cripter Ore which is weak point of Mighty Diana and orders Maki to transform Mighty Diana. She feels exhaustion and suffering by seeing Zeora’s appearance. Diana can’t fight with Zeora satisfactory. Diana is punished by Zeora and loses her consciousness. Zeora binds Diana and violently tortures her.

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Resolution: 856×474
Duration: 1:32:35
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1081Mb


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