Nov 242017

[Violence & Roses] After the World War, the world has fallen into ruin. Now the only remaining reasons for living are money, power and alchemy. Emi Tsuwa makes her escape holding some secret. But Reika Sanatou, a female top official of an alchemic society ”Garumudimere” drives her up the wall. Emi is in a terrible danger. There appears a warrior Yuki Kouren with a guitar sword on her back to repel Reika. Emi’s intention is to go to Dust City. She asks Yuki to take her there without any trouble and Yuki agrees readily. Thus, a journey of Yuki and Emi begins. Will the two girls be able to escape Garumudimere’s persisting clutches and get to Dust City safe and sound? [Space Fighter Julia] With the arrival of the mysterious new student Julia Kawahara, the life of an ordinary high school girl Kasumi Morinaga drastically changes! Surprisingly, it is Julia who saves Kasumi from being attacked by a half-machine monster. [Space Warrior Lena] Julia, who comes from the earth, a different dimension, Lena, the elder sister of Julia, and Mira, an assassin sent by Medusa that wants the whole world… The battle over Kasumi is getting fiercer and entering its final phase! [Street Fighter Yuki] Yuki, who has been away for training to become the strongest street fighter, happens to see the owner of a deserted ramen restaurant harassed by blockbusters. Out of a sense of justice, Yuki disposes of the villains using kung fu, but they turn out to be the members of a martial arts group called Sharekoube or Death’s Head. Yuki, after starting to work in the ramen restaurant in the course of nature, takes Sharekoube’s revenge and gets beaten up. But Tatsumi, the owner of the ramen restaurant, rescues her by a hair’s breadth. Tatsumi is proficient in kung fu and has a master and pupil relationship with Doujin Kurosaki, the don of Sharekoube! [Future Encounter Kung-Fu Fighter Shurei] Shurei Tachibana gets targeted by the members of a cult as a superior body to be possessed by a spirit. The spirit world sends assassins one after another! Joined by two others, Shurei’s battle of spirit just begins!

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Resolution: 640×360
Duration: 1:58:59
File Type: mp4
File Size: 856Mb


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