Nov 182017

CGRD-02 ~がんばれ僕らの~グラドルヒロイン 美少女戦士セーラーナース イメージメーカー: COSMORE 2007/06/28 グラビアアイドル

Ako is not just a high school girl; she is in fact ”Sailor Nurse”, brave warrior in a sailor-style school uniform! She dedicates herself to her mission, defeating ”Yoh-ma”, sinister monsters that possess the evil hearts of humans, to save their bodies and hearts. One day ”Yoh-ma” shows up before a drunken man and turns him into Drunken Monster, promising that he can drink eternally as much as he wants if he beats Sailor Nurse. Because of his craving for booze, Drunken Monster agrees and attacks Sailor Nurse, who is deprived of her precious Transforming Baton! Can she survive the insistent attacks from the Monster? And save his body and heart, too? The video is also full of great ”image scene” sequences where the cute and sexy heroine poses before the camera!

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Resolution: 640×360
Duration: 1:17:14
File Type: mp4
File Size: 555Mb


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