Nov 172017

CGBD-26 光神戦隊スペースレンジャー 後編 制服/コスプレ イメージメーカー:

The minister of Valhalla and Dron Ryulk, the younger brother of Fork, show up in front of the three fighters. Having been obliged to let go of the treasure sword ”Claimh Solais” in exchange for Princess Sophie, the three decide to once back off. Orna Black and Caliban Red take care of Princess Sophie but Sting has an instinctive dislike of her. Sophie speaks to Sting in this condition in private. These two seem understand each other but Princess Sophie beats on Sting all of a sudden. Flat-footed Sting is brought over to the hideout of Ryulk. Rulk, who claims overwhelming might, brainwashes the princess and… Will the intentions of the three fighters unite to be able to defeat Ryulk? Or will they lose to Ryulk helplessly?

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Resolution: 640×360
Duration: 1:00:50
File Type: mp4
File Size: 437Mb


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