Feb 132018

Evil society Garos attack five different places at the same time for being isolated Battle Flash force members. Commander Gelder thinks that they should disclose real identity of Battle Flash force members to destroy the force. He makes a plan with female cadre Syarome and Vampire Genie. Ms. Universe solely appears before Syarome although she knows it is Garos’ trap. Ms. Universe dominantly fights with opponent but she is driven into the corner by Vampire Genie’s attack. Ms. Universe is hard to stand because she is sucked her blood by the genie. She manages to escape from there and hide herself. However, it is difficult to completely escape from them. Ms. Universe understands she is found and captured by them sooner or later. “I know! Garos doesn’t know my appearance before transformation.” She releases her transformation and appears before Syarome with her human appearance. Is Ms. Universe able to escape from the crisis and defeat opponents!?

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