Nov 142017

A female student Mei get a superpower by biting a spider. She wears a mask to hide her real face and use her superpower to defeat evils for protecting the peace of the town. Its name is Super Lady. Mei doesn’t tell Satsuki, her only family, that Mei is a real identity of Spider Lady, because Mei doesn’t want to worry her. One day, Satsuki is kidnapped by anyone while Mei is working as Spider Lady. Mei transforms into Spider Lady and visit the enemy territory…

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 2:01:57
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Sep 032017

RYOJ-01 ヒロイン凌辱101 SUPER▽WOMAN GIGA(ギガ) 六機崇

【Zeni’s dog】 … People call Monche. As the merchant who places the galaxy over again, the deceased of gold who receives any request as long as it is profitable. Such a man has targeted SUPER ▼ WOMAN of the Galactic Pesticide Extermination Sheriff. Among them, Onna who is in charge of the marginal galaxy called Earth is said to be shiny. Monsie hit the big game and got it 【time stop device】. I get marveled at the trap. Shameful repetition of disgrace. Body fluid not stopping. But her hell has not even begun yet … I want a secret feeling SUPER ▼ GUY. To “rape” him as may be to remove the remote vibes embedded in the secret part! “Things about you … I loved you forever!” Pride of woman’s heart and justice. A woman’s heart that shakes in the interval. In addition, Monsie’s cunning trap that mercilessly desires her. S ▼ G was taken hostage by a crystal of love S ▼ W ‘s amazing behavior is … unbelievable justice super heroine SUPER ▼ WOMAN. The one that will finally wait for her is …! What?

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Resolution: 856×480
Duration: 1:34:01
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