Aug 262017

GHKP-11 忍者クローサーNo.3 邪悪な忍者集団、魔忍党の恐怖... コスチューム 忍者・くノ一

The first Ninja Closer No.3 Yui Sakurano left for overseas assignment. “Mami Amamiya” is appointed Ninja Closer No.3 the second. She starts her job immediately. She gets information that Ninja corps which called “Devil Ninja Corps” commit a crime. Her mission was to snake into the corps for investigation. When she almost reach their secret, she is exposed her real identity. She reluctantly transforms to fight with them, but she is tossed about by ninja arts of “Beni Okoze.” She is toyed and loses her mind. She throws a Lose Ninja Star (her best card) to defeat Beni Okoze while her unguarded moment and kills Beni Okoze. However, fear of the Devil Ninja Corps isn’t finished. A cadre ninja of Devil Ninja “Kiryu-Maru,” Beni Okoze’s husband, appears before her. Ninja Closer No.3 can’t match his overwhelming power and vengeful mind. Her body and mind is exhausted. What is happen to “Mari Amamiya” next…?

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Resolution: 856×474
Duration: 1:35:58
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May 012017

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