Feb 062018

A beautiful girl fighter Shadow White/Madoka Yukihime is descendant of Ninja. While she is on patrol, she is stroked her vital point by Shigan (Manindan Twelve Apostles). She feels terrible pain during her fight. It was a trap to take a revenge on the strongest ninja fighter Shadow White/Madoka Yukihime. Shigan also plans to elicit information about Yukihime family’s treasure if things go well. Madoka Yukihime’s breasts become bigger by stroking her vital point. She feels sharp pain on her breasts just by touch. She is inserted with needles and electrified on her breasts. She rolls her eyes back, putting out her tongue. Her beautiful face turns into ugly. She is tortured and feels orgasm and loses consciousness with rolling her eyes back. However, Shadow White/Madoka Yukihime tries to fight. She is completely tortured and shits her pants and rolls her eyes back again. She is hanged and…

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 1:31:34
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