Jan 092018

Aika, a city news reporter of Metro View, transforms into Spandexer to fight with evils when incident is happened. One day, Aika gets information that Amigo (drug-trafficking organization of Augus) utilizes young boys who live in slum, as drug dealers to deceive Drug Enforcement Administration. She goes to the site and accidentally saves an old man named Gen-san who were beaten up by bad guys. Aika recognizes realities of juvenile crime and drug syndicate spreading in slum. So, she transforms into Spandexer to destroy the organization. Firstly, she tries to investigate the wirepuller of the organization and she is captured by the organization on purpose. She is tortured in various ways by bad boys. They try to train her to be a sex slave. They torture Spandexer’s sensible part one after another. They finally use a sexual toy for Spandexer. Spandexer forcibly to be felt orgasm many times. Her body becomes addicted to pleasure in the end.

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