Feb 132018

This is the overture of one Heroine’s dramatic story. SUPER WOMAN is a famous super heroine. She loves the Earth and dedicates voluntary justice. A prison breaker who escaped from her several years ago appears before her again. His name is Vastinarve. But this is just beginning of their long story. He skillfully set a trap one after another. SW unconsciously kills innocent two women. She is tortured and remodeled by the opponent. When SW awakes, she is not already justice heroine. She changes her name Gerbera. Two women who were killed by WS are born again as combatants. Three women fall into evil. One man is contributed to the three women. They entangle tongues, suck nipples, and search private parts by fingers each other. “The chief of staff Battler is waiting for you at the Fourth Galaxy Port.” What do you watch three women who swear allegiance? Wake up, SUPER WOMAN!!!

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