Mar 022018

When Witch Girl Pure Flora/Shizuka Asaoka was a young girl, she was bestowed the magical ring from heaven’s fairy. Shizuka has fought with monsters from hell as Witch Girl Pure Flora. Pure Flora defeated Great Satan Matanga after a deadly combat, but the remnants of the Great Satan Matanga appears in the human world after thirteen years. When Pure Flora grows up and loses her virgin, she won’t be able to use magic. Matanga targets the weak point of Pure Flora. He sends Incubus who implants indecent desire in human’s dream. Is Pure Flora able to protect her chastity?

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Nov 282017

New messiah comes to Orgas to save people from the evil secret organization Masakar that plans world domination by using media. Mirai Saotome wears the Nano Suite to transforms into legendary fighter Cosplayder and fights with Masakar. Her suit is descended from ancient civilization Lemuria and only great figure woman can wear it. One day, Mirai appears on a popular TV drama as an actress. The drama, “Ideal Fighter Medusa” is produced by Masakar. Medusa envies Mirai’s popularity and plans to kill her in the drama. Mirai transforms into Cosplayder to get out of the trouble, but she is tortured on the nationwide broadcast for saving hostages

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