Jun 192017

As a suspect of a continuous woman disappearance incident, we heard the information that the director of a certain clinic is suspected to be suspicious, Yuka Sawamura who is a magical bishojo warrior fighter Fontaine infiltrates into that clinic. However, this continuous woman disappearance incident was a trap to invite and destroy Fontaine! Yuka who does not notice so acts so as not to infiltrate. The director will do obscene acts by referring to such Yuka such as examination …. Yuka who is obsessed with shame but also receives obscene medical examination to expose the director’s identity …. And finally, the director who reveals identity! The identity of the director was a Youma as Yuuka stared out! Magical Bishoujo warrior Yuka transforming into fontaine and fighting! However, the examination which Yuka had been under was a ceremony to deprive Fontaine’s power! Magical bishoujo warrior falling into a dilemma! Can Fontaine beat the bad guy …? It is!

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Resolution: 856×480
Duration: 1:40:04
File Type: wmv
File Size: 1197Mb


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