Feb 262018

Monster soldiers of Gozua appear before Charge Mermaid, a female member of Charge Man. Charge Mermaid has to fight with the monster soldiers solely. She is gradually driven into the corner. She finally falls down to the ground with a serious injury. Then, Charge Phoenix, the other female member of Charge Man, appears to rescue Charge Mermaid. Charge Phoenix fights with the monster soldiers instead of injured Mermaid. Then, tragedy is happened before Charge Mermaid. Another monster soldier appears and put on strange device to Charge Mermaid and use his special ability. Charge Mermaid feels terrible pain on her brain. Then, her memory is trace back and it is rewritten to another memory which Charge Phoenix was beaten by not Gozua’s monster soldier but Charge Pegasus. “Why Charge Pegasus defeats Charge Mermaid?” Charge Mermaid suffers from the rewritten memory. Is Charge Mermaid brainwashed by Gozua completely?

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Resolution: 640×368
Duration: 1:37:33
File Type: mp4
File Size: 929Mb


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