Nov 212017

TBB-44 ヒロイン討伐 44 Rape Costume 2009/07/10

Shunran, the special investigator, has been searching for Laurer, who betrayed her researcher father and killed him. Shunran’s father, Ryukoh, was developing a drug to restore ailing people’s body to normalcy. But, in the process he happened to create a drug that strengthens the human fighting capabilities. Ryukoh set out to destroy the drug, but it was taken away by Laurer, the chieftain of the clan of evils plotting to conquer the world. Shunran penetrates deep into Laurer’s hideout, where she is surrounded by the tree men who, void of sentiments, have no will but to destroy. She beats down the tree men and faces her next enemy, bucher assassin wrestlers who have been injected and fortified with the drug Sunran’s father had developed and hack down Shunran. Captured and hung in her inner wear, she turns into a human sandbag for the tree men to beat on. Then, her father, who was supposed to have died, appears to save her. Shunran falls into Laurer’s treacherous trap and falters into a hard, miserable finale.

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Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 1:02:35
File Type: mp4
File Size: 765Mb


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