Feb 032018

Legendary Dyna Woman used to be a famous Super Heroine with her glamorous body. Seven years has passed since she was married and retired. A housewife Aina gently sends her husband Keiji, an investigator, to the door. Keiji never knows that his wife was Dyna Woman. He investigates a suspicious religious corporation. Keiji is caught in the vicious trap on the brink of arrest of the organization’s representative, Rajanata. Aina has a bad feeling and she returns to the Heroine. Then, unpredictable thing is happened. Keiji and Aina are continuously trapped to separate. They deeply trust each other but they are gradually filled with misunderstandings and distrustfulness. Aina is put love potion all over her body and feels orgasm by having a sex with another guy in front of her husband. She doesn’t notice her husband watches her sex, but she passionately has a sex with another man. “I believe a teaching of Gudull.” She finally becomes a believer in bad religion. Wake up, Dyna Woman! The world is calling you!!!

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 1:44:35
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1594Mb


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