Dec 122017

JMSZ-61 ヒーロー凌辱 ~美しきガーベラ アースレンジャー完全攻略~ Costume 95分 戦隊・アニメ・ゲーム

Earth Ranger is almost devastated by Gerbera. Only three fighters, Black, Blue, and Green, in Earth Ranger still alive. The three fighters fight for justice, but Gerbera evilly attacks them. Earth Ranger receive information that a bomb was set, and Earth Green rushes to the site. “The bomb was set here! Run away!” Earth Green tries to evacuate people from the dangerous site, but a promotional model talks to Green, “You are a member of Earth Ranger, aren’t you? I’m your big fan!!” and she suddenly starts touching Green’s body. Green thinks that he has to evacuate people from there, but he can’t ignore the beautiful sexy woman. She caresses Green’s body harder and harder. Then she suddenly chokes Green’s neck with her hands. Green tries to loosen himself from her arms but her power is incredibly strong. “What a strong power…Who are you…!?” Earth Green upset. The woman shows her true color. Her true identity was Gerbera! Green was confused by his opponent Gerbera unexpectedly. He desperately tries to fight back Gerbera but his body was already corroded. Gerbera starts defeating Earth Ranger perfectly!

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 1:37:56
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1842Mb


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