Feb 182018

Healing magic master Tales Aphrodite is finally captured by evil opponent. Tales Promethea is the last person in the team. Her old enemy Vastinarve gives up on battle android Faceless and decides to deploy new battle soldiers. Opponents steadily proceed the global invasion plan. Makoto/Tales Promethea decides to fight with opponents alone. But she is injected immortal medicine which is made from Tales Aphrodite’s body fluid. Tales Promethea gets immoral body. Opponent’s torture “DEATH BY DEATH” approach her. She experiences death over and over again. She is stabbed and exploded by gas. She keeps her memory of death and turns insane. In addition, she gets an electric shock. Their battle is finished. At the moment the opponent turns his back to her, Promethea takes great risks. “Tales…forbidden magic!” It is literally her final secret art at the risk of her life. This is the conclusion of the final story of the series!!!

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Resolution: 856×480
Duration: 1:16:41
File Type: avi
File Size: 1636Mb


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