May 132018

GHKQ-06 ふたなりヒロイン ~バトルエキサイトZ ミスエクセレント~ コスチューム 戦隊・アニメ・ゲーム レズ

Battle Excite Z fights with Evil society Deros. A female cadre Zaroma narrows down a target to Miss. Excellent/Anna Misaki, only female member of Battle Excite Z. Zaroma tries to find Anna’s weak point and finds out that Anna is a hermaphrodite. Zaroma capture and torture Miss. Excellent. Zaroma toys Anna’s male genitalia and forced her to ejaculate over and over again. After that Zaroma sets Anna free and says to Anna, “You can get your revenge anytime.” Miss. Excellent solely goes to the opponent’s base to defeat Zaroma…

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 2:28:06
File Type: mp4
File Size: 2258Mb


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