Feb 022018

Pure Viola/Sion Fujimiya is brought up like a princess. She has an ennui character. Her best friend Pure Rosso/Makoto Ebihara secretly fights with genies of Minus World as Shining Star Melpure. One day, genie Bagzel and Belidos appear. Viola and Rosso transform and fight with the genies. Viola and Rosso damage the genies but Rosso is injured. When Sion takes care of Makoto, opponents appear again. Sion tries to beat them by herself, but she is no match for the opponents and is driven into the corner. Rosso appears there, but Viola says, “You need more time to cure your injury,” and refuses Rosso’s participation to the battle. Rosso surprisingly says, “Okay, I’ll observe your fight.” Viola is puzzled by Rosso’s attitude. Viola is toyed and insulted by two genies. However, Rosso is very cool and just watches the scene Viola is tortured. Viola is betrayed by a person whom she had trusted completely. Then Satan Radamantis appears before viola and tears Viola’s battle suit and her mind…

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 1:25:21
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1301Mb


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