Jan 152018

GHKP-61 女幹部純愛物語 コスチューム 2018/01/26

This is the story of evils. Pedipia infringes the peace of the world and treats human’s life like a worm. She is the top cadre of the evil empire “Gezellbite” and doesn’t know any kindness until she meets Levinas. Their destinies are intricately crossed each other. Then, Beautiful Witch Girl Fontaine died suddenly. The incident makes cruel Pedipia change. Pedipia is expelled by her fellow and joins to justice hero. Pedipia tries to protect her lover at the risk of her life. And goddess never abandon precious justice mind. Pedipia is born again as new Fontaine. “Fontaine, can I be your successor…?” Pedipia becomes a real justice heroine. However, there is a person who never forgive her. What will be her destiny? Is Pedipia able to keep her pure love with the hero? Don’t lose Fontaine, keep your justice!

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 1:38:17
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1497Mb


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