Nov 252017

Beautiful Mask Principal is pure and innocent. She always fights fairly. Kasha, a female cadre of evil empire Nightmare, always disturbs Principal. Principal and justice hero Elmelloi fight together to protect the Earth. Kasha finds out a void in Principal’s heart, so Kasha summons Principal to the ruin and deceives her. Kasha seals Principal into the cursed ring. Kasha masquerades as Principal to deceive Elmelloi. Evil female cadre completely becomes a justice beautiful girl wearing a mask. Kasha seduces Elmelloi persuasively and finally… Genuine Principal watches over the situation from hyperspace. “Oh my God! She is a fake!” However, her thoughts does not reach Elmelloi. False Principal finally takes Elmelloi’s virginity. Kasha accepts his sperm deep inside of her uterus. Kasha shows her ring to Elmelloi and says, “Elmelloi, can you destroy this ring?” What will be Principal’s destiny!?

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 1:27:32
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1646Mb


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