Aug 262017

GHKP-15 ザ・ダークレディー 六機崇 75分

The Galaxy Empire “Polaris.” Everybody knows that chief of the general staff DARK LADY is a lover of commander Chevalier. They are just a man and woman, so they don’t need to be warned about anything. It is nothing to do with their subordinates, but attack unit leader Hatshepsut. She has a grudge for DARK LADY because she is robbed both a lover and a position. Nobody can stop her because she gets an real power. Hatshepsut plans to murder DARK LADY with a vicious trap. DARK LADY is corrupted by Hatshepsut’s overwhelming power. Hatshepsut becomes mad and kill even Chevalier. DARK LADY has a violent domination and is almost die. She is forced to be wear Vibrator Pants to banned any resistance. She is choked and scatters her pee shamefully. Then she is stripped her costume and is inserted unknown lower combatant’s dick to her vagina. Her eyes filled with tears. Hatshepsut orders, “Take a criminal to home country.” What does Hatshepsut’s eyes catch…!?

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Resolution: 856×480
Duration: 1:20:01
File Type: wmv
File Size: 1213Mb


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