Jun 172017

Spandexer, who hides the identity and protects the city of August as a super heroine, usually worked as a reporter for Metro View. But gradually the crowd of people and attention turns into pleasure, so that the perverted desire can sprout in the spandexer. One day, rival company, CEO of Augustnet, Mrs. Shiratori offer sponsors of spandexer who helped my son. Spandexer coming out the identity with this and starts hero activity with the face. Spandexor’s heroine activity, which exposes the body with more radical costumes, stimulates people’s desires and escalates the demands on the heroine. Spandexer is to compensate for the sins he invited with his own body.

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Resolution: 856×480
Duration: 1:17:45
File Type: wmv
File Size: 571Mb


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