Jun 182017

Planet of water said to honor the galactic rich ocean 【Aquaria】. Head of the Guardian Union that protects Mother Star from invading aliens · Ikaruga. There are people who listen to their strength and challenge the fight. The name of the woman is phantom guy. It is a mysterious nun that wanders the galaxy. Phantom enchantment that writes sentences to a mirrored mysterious woman. Apparently she seems to be looking for something. Ikaruga, who does not know such a thing as much as dew, is still fighting evil today. The gear of fate would bring these two people together … a spiked pigeon that makes full use of Ninomiya. But the witchcraft that I have never seen is more than that of Ikaruga. Ikaruga tries to crawl on the floor without making anything. Even the ultimate magic which is the last requested rope is broken down. And physical domination and spiritual insults begin. A phantom heron’s sword · Nenekirirum rips the groin of the Ikaruga. That time it looked like there was a game … That guy who trembles even phantasmas! A phantom bastie who plays with Ikaruga who can no longer fight the fighting force. Ikaruga with full body creeping by leaking body fluid from the hole called the hole in the body. But the real “hell” is before that … what happens! Is it? Sukinbo Ikaruga! It is! It is!

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Resolution: 856×480
Duration: 1:26:41
File Type: wmv
File Size: 943Mb


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