Jun 042017

The guardian goddess super heroine power woman of fantastic world. In the real world the world in cartoons. But one day the law collapsed … Mage mistress who jumped over the wall of another world. Relentless pursuit of PW, the keeper of the law. It is worthwhile to succeed in burning down the left eye of Destoru PW. But that was the beginning of a nightmare … the persistent tentacular blame of the Tentacle monsters. PW that will be pouring something into the knot with a momentary carelessness. Then it was thought that there was nothing wrong for 3 months … PW who asymmetrically memorizes Kayumi in the genital area. That is the trap of Destr [poison of the spirit of death]. Destrur planning to pledge loyalty to a PW that suffers from suffering. Even if I exhale I will not swear allegiance to evil PW. But when Tomiho 8 million hostages were taken hostage … Forced speech · humiliation dogeza, snuff snuff, pussy crushing. Finally the violent Ichimo of Destor approaches the golden eyes of PW … the body that does not yield and runaway. But even to that mind eventually … losing our super heroine power woman! The world is in your hands!

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Resolution: 856×480
Duration: 1:50:52
File Type: avi
File Size: 2292Mb


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