Feb 232018

Akira Ayukawa/Cheer Sapphire fights with monsters every day. Although she is late for or absent school, she never makes an excuse. So, she has to take extra lessons. Yurigawara (She is lesbian) takes charge of Akira’s extra lessons. Yurigawara can’t control her desire. She uses a drug to deprive Akira of her freedom. Yurigawara thoroughly tortures Akira but when decreasing the drug effectiveness, Akira knocks down Yurigawara. Then, monster Namenba appears before Akira. Namenba was watching for a chance to get Akira’s body. Akira caught in the Namenba’s trap and is licked whole her body. Akira transforms into Cheer Sapphire to counterattack. When Cheer Sapphire delivers a finishing blow, somebody interrupts her attack. It was Yurigawara who changed into Namenba. Cheer Sapphire is defeated by two Namembas. She is licked whole her body and gets cunnilingus. Cheer Sapphire loses her vitality. What is going happen to Cheer Sapphire!?

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Resolution: 800×480
Duration: 2:06:10
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1923Mb


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