Dec 042017

“MESUMITSU.” It’s an another state of woman’s vaginal secretion. An esoteric technique that vaginal secretion is brewed like alcohol under certain conditions. It is also a Vastinerve monster Okina’s great favorite item. Tales Artemis/Kazuki Shiina is singled out as Okina’s target. A battle type female android Faceless chases Artemis, an expert of magical attack using talisman. Artemis is sealed her movement by Okina’s evil trap. Her crotch is thoroughly attacked and she loses her consciousness with forming at the mouth. In addition, Artemis is recorded her disgrace scene on TV program. She falls into the sea of shame. Faceless’ licks deep inside of Artemis’ uterus with her snake tongue. Artemis is gradually captivated by pleasure. Breast part of her costume is teared and her homeroom teacher violently eats her pussy. Artemis’ love juice change into nectar. Thick and creamy meal is made. Artemis feels orgasm over and over again.

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 1:16:15
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1426Mb


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