Jun 182017

★ Spandexer’s edition: “Sparkling, spandexer blamed for electric shock” ★ Magical Bishoujo warrior fontaine edition: “Fontaine who was invoked by taking a close friend hostage by Majin Zazan, Zanzan wanted to return his best friend safely As you say, I will carry on as I say, drinking conditions In Fontaine, Zazan is striking, strangling, strongly grasping as strongly as breast breasts, electric shocks, whiplash. Conditions that do not let go of the chains held by whatever it is done Fontaine who fell apart from suffering without being able to keep it.If Fauteine who is trampled on his head and furthermore continues to suffer for fighting, I will carry out the dogeza in order to help a friend. “★ Miss · Galaxy edition:” Neck stomach belly punch joint Technique mask Destruction face punch / kick etc … ”

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Resolution: 800×448
Duration: 1:40:28
File Type: avi
File Size: 1533Mb


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