Jun 242017

GATE-27 ネイキッドヒロイン27 妹戦士シスターセイバーアリス編 戦隊・アニメ・ゲーム 調教 輪姦・凌辱

Wrestling Arisu kept fighting the monster Akuda who wants to conquer the world, wearing a strengthening suit and power of Sister Saver, which is powered by his older brother, Suwakane Ken who has mental power. Akuda who hates Arisu, being disturbed by all the plans so far, realizes that the power of Arisu is feelings of Ken. Yes, Wataru Arisu was a severe bracon. Akuda, who noticed that, thinks first to eradicate a healthy person, but brainwashing the healthy person more than that, and thinking that Arisu suffered better if he took Arisu for a healthy person. Ken who got caught by Akuda continues to give an image of a pure younger sister Arisu becoming a lewd girl and insulting a healthy person and falls in the hands of Akuda. And it was him who appeared in front of Arisu who transformed from Akunda to Sister Saver · Alice who was invited to hostage as a hostage. Alice who can not resist, is insulted by his favorite brother, and it is stolen by Ken and Akuda without doing it. And Akuda orders the Ken to rape Alice. Alice resists desperately, but Ken who became a men of Akunda committed Alice.

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Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 1:33:00
File Type: wmv
File Size: 1720Mb


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