Jun 262017

ATHB-08 ヒロインバトル 強化特捜 レッドパンサー Costume 2009/04/10

In the fight with the evil organization Darmon, Mr. Leonard Maho, who was an investigator, was killed by a colleague’s lover, Kitada criminal, by Darmon’s female executive barnness, and himself was also seized in burness. However, Beanessu likes Maho, and disappears without stinging the end to someday in order to be someday. Maho who burns with revenge, volunteers for reinforcement special search, obtains a reinforcing suit Red Panther that overcomes intense training and crosses with Darmon at equalities. Maho who got into the base of Benessz, but before that the Phantom Geller that Beannes created stands out. Maho transforms into Red Panther and challenges the battle, but it loses to Gerper and becomes a captive. Beaness makes it impossible to move the caught Maho with medicine, taste the body fully in tickling and caressing and enjoy it. Then, to take energy and make it an inner suit, grow male instruments in the crotch of Maho as a guinea pig of a human experiment, and let it fight against Gelper again. Although it was Maho that was made into a gelper, it is killed by the vision of Kitada criminal and beat Geller. However, Maho who was exhausted in that place was insulted with a splendid lesbian violence, and it falls to hell for pleasure.

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Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 1:22:46
File Type: wmv
File Size: 974Mb


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