Feb 132018

MEBO-04 愛と性技の実演販売セールスレディ イロハ 戦隊・アニメ・ゲーム OL・秘書 GIGA(ギガ)

Small evil organization Nagurukeel is always defeated by Charge Mermaid, a female member of the Electric Shadow Force. Boss and the other members are eager to make Charge Mermaid a sexual slave, but their combatants always complain such as “I’ll take a makeup holiday,” or “I have another part time job.” One day, a sales lady who calls herself IROHA visits the site. She introduces a vibration which installs AI and says that this item enables a justice heroine turn into a sexual slave. Boss can’t believe it easily. Then Beautiful Witch Girl Fontane appears there. It upsets boss and the other members. IROHA shows the vibration to Fontaine. Fontaine is suddenly in agony. Boss sees the great effect of the item, and persistently rapes Fontaine in accordance with IROHA’s order. IROHA introduces another item with demonstration sales and…

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Resolution: 848×480
Duration: 1:56:52
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1781Mb


Feb 012017

SDMS-428 触手アクメ  2 Tentacles 買い619 Costume OL・秘書 おっぱい SODクリエイト SODクリエイト(ソフトオンデマンド) 2008/05/22

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Resolution: 720×544
Duration: 1:40:17
File Type: mkv
File Size: 1170Mb