Nov 052017

ZRHD-16 プリティーリベリオン PANTHER 禅 Heroine Action Uniform / Costume

The love sea cleared up the misunderstanding of chihaya, regained friendship again, and fought against the vogue. However, it is convinced that the elder sister was defeated to Rinca and loses the desire to fight. However, elder sister’s Biwa was alive… wicked woman’s Rinca… Biwa of the elder sister who fainted in agony ..cruelty.. ..catching.. Then, the injection with the brainwash was given that much though it was still good. To knock down elder sister’s love sea and chihaya of the best friend, the purpose: And, chihaya is first aimed at by Rinca and Miwa. chihaya to which it goes down to defeat and the hideout is restrained is beaten up by Rinca. To help by chihaya … screaming…, the love sea fights against a true elder sister and Miwa. However, to shut one’s teeth and to solve the elder sister’s brainwash, the love sea fights while the elder sister is done and it is strong in several steps and done the love sea. The drama develops rapidly at the end of sisters’ battles. Really, is it wicked woman Rinca or young Sailor Senshi, etc. that win?

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Resolution: 720×400
Duration: 1:08:45
File Type: mp4
File Size: 436Mb