Sep 112017

THH-05 SUPERヒロインドミネーションVOL.05 戦隊・アニメ・ゲーム 羹灼 ギガ

The Aurora, who is dying for the battle with the evil corps and the monsters of the Evil Empire, has won victory in all of it. Its fighting power was as strong as all the monsters in the Yable Empire. But here is one strategy going up. “Try to verify its fighting power scientifically …” The phantom genomes who took command of the operation from the beginning of the strategy challenged the aurora but fought without survival. However, the whole of the battle was left as data and was successful in resurrecting the cell with remodeling surgery and resting, surprising the aurora with a cowardly trap and challenging the battle again. ○ Aurora pushed overwhelmingly by strong blow and indirect technique of reborn genome. ○ Genomes that can be freely changed into weapons from parts of the body by regenerating cells are not blame for persistent belly due to barbed clubs, and attacks on face and forgiveness. ○ Aurora is forced to fight the genome in the prison by digging the received damage into numerical values, accumulating it, and bouncing back to the wearer. Fighting boldly while pursuing a handicap that makes a single blow a double damage. ○ Desperately by the electric wire of the genome · · · Escape from the narrowest hair and get on the hand with the new weapon · saber which is not in the enemy’s data, it does not apply to the body of the genome embedded with regenerative cells. Pinch again! ○ The aurora is beaten in the body with a sharp knuckle, whose face is pinched by an iron plate with a thorn barb …

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Apr 112017

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