Mar 162018

How many years has passed since her husband died? He was a brilliant investigator. Yurika, 39 years old and in her prime as a woman, fights as if she tries to forget about her husband. Recently, her only son Kazuma looks like her husband more than ever. Passionate knight Avantia masturbates herself to oppress her heat-up body and fights every day. Evil monsters detect Avantia’s secret erotic behavior and approach her. Ironically, her husband was connected to the monsters. Evil monster Gado shows Yurika’s shameful video picture to suppress her actions. Unexpectedly, Yurika’s son Kazuma appears there. She never wants to be known him that Avantia is his mother. She desperately stands shamefulness. Kazuma faces longing Avantia’s lecherous situation and erects his penis. Kazuma cruelly tears Avantia’s pantyhose and licks her sweet-and-sour private parts. Avantia manages to defeat Gado. However, Yurika and Kazuma already can’t control their instinct of sexual desire. Yurika and Kazuma fall down into the forbidden mother-and-son love. What is going to happen to the end? What will be Avantia’s destiny?

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Resolution: 800×480
Duration: 1:43:26
File Type: mp4
File Size: 1576Mb


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